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Sundowner Sunset_Broome
Russell Smith – Honours-Judges-Choice
A Grade Open Colour Digital

Three Bears
Judy Heath – Honours-Judges-Choice
A Grade Nature Digital

MX Nationals
Mark Dewar – Honours-Judges-Choice
A Grade SetSubject Digital

Lightning Over Stockton
Tiegan Mannweiler – Honours-Judges-Choice
B Grade Open Colour Digital

Common Milkweed
Tiegan Mannweiler – Honours-Judges-Choice
B Grade Nature Digital

Newcastle Baths Renovation
Elica Petrovska – Honours-Judges-Choice
B Grade SetSubject Digital

Merewether – the two girls
Stephane Thomas – Honours-Judges-Choice
Advanced Open Colour Digital

Successful crossing
Roy Killen – Honours-Judges-Choice
Advanced Nature Digital

Rescue on the Rocks
Peter Stanley – Honours-Judges-Choice
Advanced SetSubject Digital