About Roy Killen

Vice-President of Belmont 16s Photography Club. Membership Vice-President for the Photographic Society of America.

Image of the Year entries

Your entries for the IOTY must have been entered in a monthly competition this year – in the SAME section. For example, if you entered an image in a Nature section during the year you can enter it in the Nature section of the IOTY (but not in any other section).

However, images that were entered in Set Subject sections during the year may be entered in any relevant section of the IOTY. For example, if a Set Subject image meets the Nature definition it may be entered in the Nature section of the IOTY.


Monitor calibration

The club has a device (called a Spyder) for colour calibrating monitors. It can be borrowed from Alex Hunter who looks after the various items of club equipment that members can borrow. If you have an Apple computer that uses the latest version of the Mac operating system please do NOT try to use the Spyder. If you do, when you try to calibrate your monitor the result will be a disaster that is very difficult to fix. Please wait until the club has a new version of the Spyder.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held at 7pm tonight so please make sure you have your prints in early.

The agenda for the AGM can be downloaded from this link.

Please note that there have been no nominations for the positions of President or Assistant Secretary. Nominations will be called for at the AGM. Please consider volunteering and if you need any information about these positions please contact Roy Killen.


Lake Macquarie National Exhibition

Entries for the Lake Macquarie National exhibition close on 2nd September. All club members are encouraged to enter. There are sections for Colour, Mono, Nature, Photo Travel and a Youth section. 

There are numerous awards including a trophy for the most successful exhibitor from an NPF club and a special trophy for the best monochrome portrait (donated by Alex Hunter). 

Entry is simple, just click on the gold logo on the left of this page and it will take you to the Lake Macquarie National site where you can upload your images. The image sizes required are exactly the same as for our monthly club competitions.

If you need any help with your entries please contact Roy Killen.