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Susan Slack

I started real photography in 2012 so I am a latecomer.

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Joining Belmont 16 footers photography club in 2012 was a little intimidating but a great incentive to start looking at photography in a very different way. Now I feel so glad and thankful to belong in a group of such talented individuals. Of course you are only as good as your last photograph and the standard keeps rising. I find this motivates me even more to try to get it right.
Areas of interest
Nature, birds, animals, macro
Favourite Equipment
Canon 5D Mk II and Mark III plus numerous lenses but especially the 100mm F 2.8 macro lens. great bokeh and I can hand hold at very tiny apertures and still achieve sharp images most of the time
Computer Stuff
Apple Mac Desktop with large screen
Other info
My email address is Please contact me if you have any suggestions or requests re training sessions