September Committee meeting

Here is a summary of the meeting on 2nd September 2015

The Committee spent considerable time discussing the results of the recent survey of club members. In order to try to satisfy the often conflicting requests expressed in that feedback, the Committee made the following decisions about the 2016 club competitions:

  1. We will continue with the large print, small print and digital image competitions each month.
  2. We will continue the cycle of colour/mono then colour/nature in alternating months for both large prints and digital images.
  3. We will add a third category (Set Subject) for digital images (EDI) each month. Each member will be permitted to enter a maximum of two images in each digital section each month and the scores for each section will be kept separate for purposes of the annual pointscore.
  4. In the nature competitions we will not distinguish between nature and wildlife entries, but simply require that all entries satisfy the FIAP/PSA Nature definition.

To reduce the pressure on judges and provide sufficient time for them to give constructive feedback on all prints, we will reduce the number of print entries each month by applying the following restrictions:

  1. Each member may enter a maximum of three large prints, with no more than two in a section.
  2. A grade members entering large prints wil not be permitted to enter small prints.
  3. Both A grade and B grade members who do enter small prints will be limited to two small prints.

The closing date for all entries on the club website (print and digital) will be midnight on the Sunday before each monthly meeting night. This will allow adequate time for the prints to be organised for judging using the new web-based competition management system.

From January, prints will have to be submitted by 6.30pm on competition nights. The time between 6.30pm and 7.30pm will be used for:

  1. the prints to be placed on the stands in a pre-determined judging order.
  2. the judge to review prints and think about what comments to make, what awards to give, etc.
  3. members to view the prints.
  4. members to view the digital images entered that month – they will run on a continuous slideshow.
  5. members to socialise and discuss the images.

There were other decisions relating to minor aspects of the conduct of the monthly competitions and these will be explained to members in detail after the conclusion of the 2015 competitions.

There was one other issue that resulted in considerable discussion – the grading of members. The questions yet to be answered are:

  • How does the club want to distinguish between A grade and B Grade?
  • What criteria do we want judges to use when they are awarding Honours and Merits in A grade and B grade?
  • On what basis should members be eligible to (or be required to) move from B grade to A grade?