There were 9 entries that gained our highest award(s).

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Formation Flying 1
Ian Nunn – Honours-Judges-Choice
A Grade Open Colour Digital

Its a Race
Sue Ehinger – Honours-Judges-Choice
A Grade Open Mono Digital

Time at the beach
Joy Thomas – Honours-Judges-Choice
A Grade SetSubject Digital

Rock the rapids
Di Wood – Honours-Judges-Choice
B Grade Open Colour Digital

White on black or black on white?
Di Wood – Honours-Judges-Choice
B Grade Open Mono Digital

Cicada standup
Di Wood – Honours-Judges-Choice
B Grade SetSubject Digital

Desert Nymph
Phil Whiteman – Honours-Judges-Choice
Advanced Open Colour Digital

Topling Of A King
David Hansell – Honours-Judges-Choice
Advanced Open Mono Digital

Sunset Varanasi Pilgrims
Trevor Cotterill – Honours-Judges-Choice
Advanced SetSubject Digital