Presentation by Di Schofield last night

Many thanks for a wonderful and well planned presentation by Diane Schofield which showed us why and what we might preserve with our images. She set the whole story within the context of the world history of communication using pictures from ancient times to modern ones. Her theme was related to the creation of Photobooks and she was able to show us fascinating examples of the earliest forms of these! Practical demonstration of the modern book creation process using Photobox was closely followed by her appreciative audience and generated many questions and comments.  It is the preservation of memories that she was urging us to do, memories that are of importance to us, that don’t have to be the best quality but make a wonderful record of experiences in our lives, be it family photos (often lost when generations disappear) or travel or nature photos. In this way, we can hold onto memories that might otherwise be lost forever.

Thanks so much for a great treat Diane. Our club is very lucky to have you!