The club caters for photographers of all skill levels from beginners to highly experienced. You do not need expensive camera equipment to participate in club activities.

We meet at the Valentine Bowling Club at 7.00pm on the second Wednesday of each month. Members can participate in graded print and digital competitions. ZOOM tutorial sessions and hands on workshops occur on the third and fourth Wednesday in each month. Go to About/Help/Contact for more information.

Use the Join Our Club button to set up an account and sign up. Use the About Us button for more information and contacts.

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About our club

Lake Macquarie Camera Club Inc. is an incorporated association that was previously the Belmont 16s Photography Club. We meet at the Valentine Bowling Club on the eastern side of Lake Macquarie. Club members are required to join Valentine Bowling Club as social members.

Objectives of the Club

To provide members of the club with opportunities to advance the standard of their pictorial and technical photographic work.

To promote the exchange of information and ideas about photography through the provision of education and training programmes, newsletters, a website, and other means.

To encourage and assist members to participate in photographic competitions both within and beyond the Club.

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11:00 pm Submissions for The Leading Line...
Submissions for The Leading Line...
Jul 22 @ 11:00 pm
Each month the club publishes a newsletter called The Leading Line You will find all the latest news on a variety of topics including what’s happening on Zoom.   Send your submissions to our Newsletter[...]
7:00 pm Committee Meeting
Committee Meeting
Aug 7 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
The Club Committee meets on the first Wednesday night of each month from 7pm to 8pm via Zoom. If you have any issues that you would like the Committee to consider, please contact the Chairperson[...]
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Results for competitions in January Digital

There were 9 entries that gained our highest award(s).

Diane Wood – Honours-Judges-Choice
B Grade Nature Digital

Sue Ehinger – Honours-Judges-Choice
B Grade Colour Digital

Kim Miller – Honours-Judges-Choice
B Grade SetSubject Digital

Bettina Damme – Honours-Judges-Choice
A Grade Colour Digital

Sue Winsley – Honours-Judges-Choice
A Grade Nature Digital

Richard Strange – Honours-Judges-Choice
A Grade SetSubject Digital

Margot Hughes – Honours-Judges-Choice
Advanced Colour Digital

Roy Killen – Honours-Judges-Choice
Advanced Nature Digital

Peter Finch – Honours-Judges-Choice
Advanced SetSubject Digital

by Terina Vale, February 21, 2019


The following PSA Interclub competitions are now open for entries:

Photojournalism – Round 3 – closing March 1.

Photo Travel – Round 3 – closing March 11.

Nature – Round 3 – closing April 1.

Color.Mono – Round 4 – closing April 12.


To enter: Log in to the club website and click on Members>Competitions. Then scroll down till you see the competition name (in a green box) and click on “Upload”. Select your image and when it has uploaded click on the”enter” dot and then on the “Submit your entry” button.

If you try to upload but get the message “The maximum number of entries has been reached” just click on the “View Entries” button and then the “Remove” button if you want to change your image.

If you have any questions about these competitions please contact Roy Killen.

by Roy Killen, February 20, 2019

Thank you Bill Chambers

Last week Bill Chambers delivered a practical workshop on “Painting with Light”. As usual, Bill hit us with a wealth of information ranging from making up your own tools and toys to the process of gaining different images by using different tools and of course, doing it safely. The night was informative, interesting and participants had the chance to make their own images. It was a great night and of course, Bill gave the” grey matter” a good kick start!

by Diane Schofield, February 20, 2019

PSA Interclub – Colour/Mono

The club entries for Round 3 of the Photographic Society of America Interclub Colour/Mono competition have been selected on the basis of voting by the Advanced Grade members. The successful images were from Alex Hunter, Peter Finch, Peter Stanley, Chris Prior, Trevor Cotterill and Roy Killen. The images will be published in the club newsletter after the results have been obtained from PSA (which will probably be later March).

Due to the changeover to the new version of the club website, entries in the next rounds of the Interclub competitions (Travel, Photojournalism and Nature) are temporarily suspended. You will receive an email when the entries open again.

by Roy Killen, February 18, 2019

Website updated

The website has been updated to Version 2 of the MyPhotoClub system.

The look may be a bit different but the same functionality is in place with better scope for feature adding in the future.

Please go the MyPhotoClub home page at https://myphotoclub.com.au/ and watch the videos for an introduction. Generally the process of entering a comp is straight forward – upload your image file, give it a title, and select the competition to enter it in.

Online scoring is now available follow the star on the competitions to rate the images in a competition.

Note that the closing dates and times for competitions are still to be set.

by MyPhotoClub Colin, February 18, 2019