The 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) for our club will be held at Valentine Bowling Club on 21st August at 7pm. This will precede the August Club night.

Meeting Agenda:

  1. To approve the minutes of the last meeting which was held in August 2023. The Minutes of last year’s AGM can be found at the following link – Minutes of Meeting 2023 AGM
  2. To receive the Presidents 2024 Report
  3. To receive the club’s 2024 Financial Report
  4. To elect committee members for 2024-2025.

The Club must elect the following positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum number of 3 general Committee Members. This is the minimum but there is scope for additional general Committee Members.

The specified positions are essential to the running of the club. There are a number of other important roles which are also necessary that do not require formal voting at the AGM.

We hope to encourage more of our younger members to involve themselves in Committee work.  Just being on the Committee can give members a great introduction to and understanding of what happens behind the scenes. Nomination forms should be completed and sent to the President Dennis Archibald at  by 5pm on Monday 5th August. Positions that remain unfilled via this process may warrant a call from the floor on the night. Nominees who have no others opposing for the same position will be declared duly elected.

Please contact one of the committee members if you have any questions or need assistance or have any issues with the described process.

Nominations for these positions can be made via the Nomination Form which can be downloaded at the following link – 2024 Nomination Form for Committee members