This course will now run on Monday February 10th at the 16 Footers from 10am for 3hrs

There are still some available spots for anyone who wishes to attend. Cost is just $2

Course outline

  1. An overview of Lightroom Classic (desktop version)
  2. Setting up your Lightroom interphase
  3. Importing images from your SD card or hard drive
  4. Sorting and arranging these images into folders and collections
  5. Editing your images including presets
  6. Finally exporting your images for EDI and printing so you can enter competitions

If you have your own laptop running any version of Lightroom, please bring it along. If not, we will team you up with another person.

This workshop will be full of tips and tricks to help you edit, organise and export images ready for entering into competitions.

Please contact me if you have NOT already registered and you would like to attend

CONTACT РGreg Carruthers