Last Call for IOTY entries and online scoring of October EDI

This week’s October competition night is the last opportunity to submit your EDI images and prints for the Image of the Year competition (IOTY). The website entry forms will close on Thursday morning.

Please bring your IOTY prints to the club and ensure you have submitted your IOTY entries on the Club website by this date. 

You can now nominate any entries you submitted in the October competition as part of your IOTY entry.

Also if you haven’t already, please have a go at the online scoring trial for the September colour EDI sections.  This allows you to preview the images and score them

Use these links to access the scoring page. (please logon first)

September A Grade Colour

September B Grade Colour

September Advanced Grade Colour


Online scoring is done by entering a score from one to five for each image.  Use this as a guide for scoring:

  1. Give this score if you consider that the image should be rejected (e.g. Coloured parts in a Monochrome entry, a motor car in a Nature entry.)
  2. if the image is below the standard of the grade being judged
  3. if the image is OK but has no notable aspects
  4. if the image has above average aspects that make it a contender for a merit or honours
  5. if the image has more than one outstanding aspect and would be a contender for honours or Judges Choice

This activity can only be done on a computer with a keyboard – iPads, phones or any other touch device are not suitable.  use the number keys along the top of your keyboard.

The scores will be announced at the next competition meeting.  Please complete your scoring before the competition night.



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