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All club documents and information

This page contains links to all of our club documentation. Each document is a PDF document that will open in a new tab or page.

Members Information Pack – This contains information that all members should be familiar with. All competition rules and definitions are included in this document.

Print Submission form  – This form should be used by any member submitting prints for exhibitions in Libraries or other venues external to our club.

Set Subject Definitions For 2019 – details on the topics for the Set Subject competition.

Judging Guidelines EDI 2018 supplied to remote judges

Club Constitution  – rules which define our club’s operation.

AGM Minutes – Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting of the club (August 2017)

Information supplied to our judges – guidelines that are used by judges who assess our digital entries.

Skiffy – our monthly newsletter Skiffy Newsletter December 2018

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Training  / Presentation nights supporting documents

In 2018 training sessions will be held on both the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. The exception: Anzac Day Wednesday 25 April, there will be no presentation. It may be necessary to change this schedule from time to time, so please check this page regularly.

Belmont 16’s Member Presentations Survey Results

If you have any suggestions for additional training activities please contact our Training Co-ordinator, Diane Schofield 



Session details

  2nd Wednesday 4th Wednesday Links and documents

Architectural  Photography
Stuart Marlin

Travel Photography 
Joanne Stolte
February American Eclipse Tour
Brad Le Brocque

Tribute to Anzac : The Lost Diggers Project   Les Atkins

John DiGravio, Archivist, University of Newcastle



Country Competitions and Exhibitions

Bev Woodman

Mastering focus and depth of field
Roy Killen
April Website update
Colin Woods
Public Holiday – No Presentation  
May Colour Perception                       Bill Chambers Running and Gunning : The Uganda Project
Michael Rayment
June Macro Photography
Neville Foster
Creative Tips and Tricks 
Jenny Davidson
July In The Judge’s Shoes 
Colin Woods and Roy Killen

Solving common problems in photography.                                  Roy Killen


August Marketing : How much is my work worth?
Shane Williams
On the Job : from charter to disaster 
Heliservices – Steve’s experiences
September Composite Photography : Part 2 Lighting and shadows 
Ian English
Pet Photography 
Rohan Harvey – availability to be advised

A trip to Madagascar – Sue Slack

Art and Photography  – Helen Walker

Underwater Photography 

Ian Medcalf and Ian Marriner


November Presentation of winning images from Lake Macquarie National. Advice on entering National and International exhibitions. Roy Killen                              Street Photography 
Pete Jordan

Training session documents from previous years



Website Update

 (Training -September 2017 – Colin Woods)

 Establishing a web presence 

.  (Training -September 2017 – Colin Woods)

Establishing a web presence

  Mounting prints

  (Training-November, 2015 – Roy Killen)          

Guidelines for cutting mount boards.        

Template for labelling prints – front.

Template for labelling prints – back

   Resizing Images in Photoshop

.  (Extra – Updated 12th Npvember, 2017 – Roy Killen)

 Resizing Images,

   Camera craft

.  (Training-13 January 2016 – Roy Killen)

 Basic Camera Craft PDF,

   Removing haze from images

.  (Extra – Roy Killen)

 Dehaze filter PDF

   Organising and protecting images

.  (Training-27 January 2016 – Roy Killen)

 Organising images PDF

   Formatting hard drives on a Mac computer

.  (Extra – Roy Killen)

 Formatting HDs PDF

 Exploring photographic composition

.  (Training-9th February 2016 – Roy Killen)

 Composition PDF

 Essential editing techniques

.  (Training – 9th March 2016 – Roy Killen)

 Editing techniques PDF

 Layers, masks and channels

.  (Training-13th April 2016 – Roy Killen)

Updated May 2017

 Layers and Masks PDF

 Perspective Correction

.  (Training – 27th April 2016 – Roy Killen)

 Perspective correction PDF

 Choosing a lens

.  (Training-27th April 2016)

 What lens do I need? PDF

 Dynamic range and exposure

.  (Training – 27th April 2016 – Roy Killen)

Dynamic range  PDF

 Monochrome conversions 

.  (Training-11th May 2016 – Roy Killen)

 Monochrome PDF

 Macro and Close-up Photography

.  (Training – 25th May 2016 – Roy Killen)

Macro PDF

 Processing RAW files 

.  (Training-24th January 2017 – Roy Killen)

 RAW Processing (PDF)

 Astro Photography – Stuart Marlin 

.  (Training -26th April 2017)

Astro Photography

 Understanding and using histograms 

.  (Training-10th May 2017 – Roy Killen)

 Histograms (PDF)

 Using Luminosity Masks 

.  (Training -24th May 2017 – Roy Killen)

Luminosity Masks

 Blending Modes 

.  (Training-14th June 2017 – Roy Killen)

 Blending Modes 

 Image Sharpening 

.  (Training -28th June 2017 – Roy Killen)


 Resizing images

(Extra- Roy Killen – 2018)

 Resizing Images