Presentation 11 July 2018 Roy Killen and Colin Woods

Thank you Roy and Colin for a brilliant presentation Wednesday 11 July on judging and the components of a “knock out” image. It was packed with information and images for participants to observe and absorb. The practical exercises were designed to apply the information and stimulated lively discussions. Another WOW presentation and worthy to be repeated, especially for those who could not attend.

Thanks Len!

Yesterday the Len Metcalfe workshop was all booked out and with good reason. Len gave us all a wonderful insight into his philosophy on Photography as he gradually brought us all into an understanding of the “rules” in order that we might then proceed to break them. The most important theme was : practise the type of photography you love for its own sake and for yours, not necessarily for judges. He gave us so much valuable information on various factors in producing an artistic photo and listed much of his workflow process so that it was very easy to follow from taking the shot to printing, the ultimate test of the photograph. The day was packed with tips and insights and no doubt this workshop was a fantastic value for money day. Len has said he might be happy to act as a judge at some stage and we would welcome him back at any time. Once again, many thanks Len for a fun and stimulating day.