About Susan Slack

I started real photography four years ago so I am a latecomer.

Wetlands Bird Photography rescheduled

An unfortunate clash of dates has required that we reschedule this excursion led by Roy Killen. The new date is Saturday 27th October. Please assemble at the gate at 7.15am  for 7.30am start, finishing with morning tea at the Cafe at about 10.00 am. If any members have paid but are now unable to attend on this date, please email Sue Slack: gordon.slack15@bigpond.com ASAP so we can arrange refunds where necessary and/or offer places to other members.

Results of Motion introduced at the AGM


Many thanks to all members who responded to the committee’s request for comments re the Motion put by Roy Killen at the AGM to continue the procedure of showing Prints at the start of the night and showing  EDI images after the prints. All emails were read aloud and it was clear that the majority of members who gave their opinions supported the Motion. The Motion was then re-presented and the Committee voted unanimously to pass it. Therefore club nights will continue to follow that order of image presentation. Please note that a large number of factors was taken into consideration and there was extensive discussion prior to voting as well as after the passing of the Motion.

No decision by the committee will necessarily suit everyone but we try to represent you to the best of our ability. The EDIs are regarded as an important part of our club activities and the order of showing is not a reflection on their importance or otherwise. In fact by engaging the best qualified judges we can attract we ensure that

 Every single EDI entry shown on club nights has already been individually judged and commented upon.

A number of members suggested that the method of EDI showing could do with some changes and the Committee will certainly look at what might be practical within our time limits.

Arrangements for showing EDI entries at club competition nights

Several months ago it was decided to hold a 3 month trial of showing  EDI images after the Print entries had been judged by the visiting Judge. As the trial period has concluded, a Motion has been put to the club by R Killen, namely:

 Motion: That on future Competition nights, the prints will  be judged before  the EDI images are shown.

This motion was put forward during the recent AGM but with no clear agreement among members the Motion was put aside. However the Committee will be happy to receive all comments or opinions for consideration at our next Committee meeting.

Please send your statements about this motion to me as Secretary before 29th August. My email is  gordon.slack15@bigpond.com

I will hold all emails until our next committee meeting on 5th September and hopefully we will be able to arrive at a fair and logical conclusion which will be published as soon as possible.