About Roy Killen

Vice-President of Belmont 16s Photography Club. Membership Vice-President for the Photographic Society of America.


Results of Round 1 of the PSA Interclub competition for Photo Travel have just been released. Belmont 16s achieved 3rd place out of 21 clubs – we were just 4 points behind the winning club (Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia).

Congratulations to Chris Prior whose image “Offerings” received an Honourable Mention award.

There is still time to enter your images for Round 2 of the Colour/Mono, Nature, Photojournalism and Photo Travel interclub competitions.  


Ladies’ Night Out

The annual Ladies Night Out is on at the Swan Lake Restaurant (Belmont) on Friday 14th December at 6pm. All ladies welcome. Secret Santa.

If you would like to attend please contact Barbara Hunter before 10th December so that the booking can be finalised.


In Round 1 of the PSA Nature Interclub competition Belmont came 13th out of 40 clubs from across the globe.  The combined score for our 6 images was 59 out of 90 – the winning club, North Sydney, scored 68 (tough judges!) so we were not too far behind.  There are another two rounds in the Nature competition so we have a chance to improve our standing in the overall yearly competition.

The second rounds of ALL the interclub competitions are now open – so please go to the club website, select Members>Enter a Club Competition and put in your entries. You can enter one image in each round of each competition. If you have any questions about these interclub competitions please contact Roy Killen.