About Diane Schofield

Interests: libraries in the digital age, education, photography, cooking and travel (especially to unusual places and national parks).

Presentations / Training Wednesday 12 September 7pm – Ian English

Ian English will be presenting creative photographing .  This session is a follow-on from his presentation to our club last year.  Ian’s presentation will include “getting the lighting and shadows correct”.  

Ian’s presentations are always packed with information and his images are stunning. some Some of his images may also be quirky!

Thank you Shane Williams

Shane’s marketing presentation was excellent.  It certainly gave a good insight into the many aspects of marketing and what to charge for photography.  The presentation was packed with marketing ideas and Shane included lots of examples of his approach and those of other well established photographers.

Shane has agreed to do a presentation in 2019 on building a website. He did touch on the subjects and the process looks attainable by even the most IT faint-hearted people!

Thank you Shane for a very enjoyable night.

Presentation Night, Wednesday 8 August 2018 7pm, Shane Williams

Shane Williams’ presentation will be about the value of your work and marketing.  You may remember Shane’s presentations on Storm Photography and Food Photography.  Some of Shane’s commercial work may be viewed on his Fivespice Creative website.

Just for fun, Shane chases storms and his website, Striking Newcastle, demonstrates what a brave man he is!

Shane is a very interesting speaker and has a great sense of humour.  Make sure that you do not miss this presentation.