Welcome to our club


We meet at the Belmont 16s Sailing Club on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm.  

Visitors welcome.


Many of our members participate in a Facebook group:

 Our club is a member of the Northern Photographic Federation.

Arrangements for showing EDI entries at club competition nights

Several months ago it was decided to hold a 3 month trial of showing  EDI images after the Print entries had been judged by the visiting Judge. As the trial period has concluded, a Motion has been put to the club by R Killen, namely:

 Motion: That on future Competition nights, the prints will  be judged before  the EDI images are shown.

This motion was put forward during the recent AGM but with no clear agreement among members the Motion was put aside. However the Committee will be happy to receive all comments or opinions for consideration at our next Committee meeting.

Please send your statements about this motion to me as Secretary before 29th August. My email is  gordon.slack15@bigpond.com

I will hold all emails until our next committee meeting on 5th September and hopefully we will be able to arrive at a fair and logical conclusion which will be published as soon as possible.


Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held at 7pm tonight so please make sure you have your prints in early.

The agenda for the AGM can be downloaded from this link.

Please note that there have been no nominations for the positions of President or Assistant Secretary. Nominations will be called for at the AGM. Please consider volunteering and if you need any information about these positions please contact Roy Killen.


Check entries uploaded and closing date extended to Monday night

Today the website suffered a system fault which has caused images uploaded on Sunday 12th August, between 2am and 5pm to be damaged.  

If you uploaded any images during this time please return to each entry form and upload your images again. Delete the existing entry and re-upload the image. Copy the title before deleting to save a bit of typing.

The data surrounding the images is present so it will be easy enough to work out what image has to be uploaded.

Here is an example of an entry form with affected entries.


Sorry for this inconvenience.

The closing date for this months competition has been extended to Monday night at 11pm



Thank you Shane Williams

Shane’s marketing presentation was excellent.  It certainly gave a good insight into the many aspects of marketing and what to charge for photography.  The presentation was packed with marketing ideas and Shane included lots of examples of his approach and those of other well established photographers.

Shane has agreed to do a presentation in 2019 on building a website. He did touch on the subjects and the process looks attainable by even the most IT faint-hearted people!

Thank you Shane for a very enjoyable night.