Tonight’s presentation by Colin Woods

A huge thank you to Colin Woods for his very informative presentation tonight on “establishing a web presence for your photography”.  Colin touched on most aspects of how you might share your photography with others through building your own website or through the many social media sites and photo sharing groups – the benefits and risks.  I believe he touched on areas many have never given thought to exploring before.  Thank you to those club members and visitors we were present tonight – I do hope you enjoyed the evening.

Presentation night 13 Sept – Establishing a web presence for your photography

Unfortunately Roy will not be available to present “Entering competitions beyond the club level”, so I, Colin Woods, will be doing a presentation on “Establishing a web presence for your photography”

This will cover many of the web services available that can be utilised, identifying your needs,  and also the basics of setting up your own website.

A callout for input:

Please tell me about your experiences, good or bad, with establishing a web presence.  Have you used any of these

  • FaceBook
  • Flickr
  • SmugMug / ZenFolio
  • Weebly / Wix / Squarespace
  • your own website
  • your own domain name
  • hiring a web developer
  • any others?

The more feedback I get the better the presentation!

email or phone me with your info:
0419 624347