Anzac Day Wednesday 25 April

There is no training scheduled for Wednesday 25 April.

You may draw inspiration from the following news item on the ABC News site.  It is about a the photographer, Brenden Borellini, who happens to be blind and deaf:

The blind, deaf photographer opening exhibitions around the world with photos you can see with your hands

Set Subject for May 2018 – Colour and Unusual Design in Architecture

It has been suggested that I clarify the set subject for May and it is Architecture (see definition below) and NOT Feathers.  Feathers will be the set subject for September.

SchofieldPhotographers should look for the use of colour and unusual design in a building to capture the attention and emotions of the viewer. Images may be taken of building interiors or exteriors. People may be included, but the emphasis must be focused on the colour and unusual design of the building.

Thank you Colin Woods

Colin’s presentation on the Club’s Website last night was terrific.  The presentation notes can be found with the training documents on the website.

I use this website a lot and I learned so many new tips and tricks which are going to be useful to me.  Others who attended the session made similar comments to mine.  Colin showed off the new format, which now accommodates the sophisticated mobile. users.  Colin also covered his future vision for the site and his work to achieve it.  Problems encountered by users and their solutions were also included in the talk.  Questions flew around the room during and after the talk and were promptly answered.

Did you know that if you have a problem – the fastest way to receive a solution is to “Log a ticket with MyPhotoClub” under the Help Button on the Home Page?  These contacts get top priority.

I am sure that all of you have seen the “Granny Brag Book” of photos.  Now you too can have a brag book.  Go to Completed Competitions, find your image and click on the blue dot at the top of it……

Thank you Colin for all of your hard work on the website and for this training night.  I can assure you that whilst Colin is in the “driver’s seat”, this is one website which will never stagnate.

Video of presentation